Hello, we are glad to welcome you on the website of Pavlodar Higher college of non-ferrous metallurgy! Pavlodar Higher college of non-ferrous metallurgy, one of the oldest educational institutions with a rich history and traditions! The mission of the College is to train qualified personnel in accordance with the demands of the labor market of the metallurgical industry of Pavlodar region. The goal is to provide the necessary quality of technical and vocational education services, in accordance with the requirements of the state, social and economic needs of the city and the region through: development of variability, formation of different levels of complexity and orientation of the content of educational programs of the appropriate level of education, taking into account the educational needs and abilities of students; training and production, methodological and resource support of the educational environment of the College.

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Welcome to the Pavlodar Higher Medical College website! If you are young, active and ready to devote yourself to the health protection, we will help you get a prestigious profession for the entire life! When deciding about college entrance follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you. It’s one thing when you are hooked on lab coats, a spectacular image of the health worker or an extraordinariness of his or her real-life situations. It’s another when your decision is based on a social significance of the profession, its moral worth and social approval. If you are no stranger to both pros and cons of the health profession, you made a right choice.